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  1. Affirmation of THE UNIQUENESS OF MANI AS A MOVEMENT, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Affirmation of THE UNIQUENESS OF THE MANI VISION as focused primarily on “The Completion of the Great Commission mandate in the continent of Africa and in the rest of the world”.
  3. Affirmation of our MISSION as “To catalyze, (affirm, mobilize, inspire, engage) the Body of Christ in Africa for greater involvement in completing the Great Commission mandate by reaching the unreached first in their own country and in the rest of the world”
  4. Affirmation of MANI’s ROLE and PURPOSE as CATALYZING, FACILITATING, and COMMUNICATING the Great Commission Vision so that every member of the Body of Christ will find and be playing their roles in the fulfillment of the Great Commission particularly among the UPGs, everywhere and with appropriate tools under the guidance, leading, and direction of the Holy Spirit
  5. Affirmation of our INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENT to understand, carry out, model, communicate and facilitate other believers in pursuing the same Great Commission Vision starting from our homes, primary ministries, networks, regions, national platforms, global forums and wherever we find ourselves
  6. Affirmation of the KAIROS MOMENT that has dawned on us and all mankind, precipitating and creating conditions which bring about the ripening of the harvest and throwing up challenges which need to be confronted and assailed in order to gather the ripe harvest
  7. Affirmation of our CORPORATE COMMITMENT to continue to work towards ensuring that the whole body of Christ is engaged together and in partnership with each other, towards the accomplishment of the Great Commission task, making use of all the resources that the Lord has endowed us with in our respective communities and contexts.
  8. Affirmation of OUR NEED FOR UTTER DEPENDENCE upon the Father – the Lord of the Harvest, the Son – the Author and Finisher of our Faith and the Holy Spirit – the Comforter, our Energizer for the work, through commitment to the study of the Word and Prayer.

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