Who coordinates MANI?

MANI is coordinated by a team consisting of a Continental Coordinator and seven Regional Coordinators. The Team seeks to facilitate the MANI vision at a continental level and works with National Coordinators, Regional and National Church and Missions leaders, Network Coordinators and Task Force leaders.

What is the Role of Continental and Regional Coordinators?

The role of the Continental and Regional Coordinators is to function together as a team:

  1. Catalyzing and keeping the MANI vision – keeping a primary focus on the unfinished task in Africa and the development of an African missions movement with global impact;
  2. Planning for and facilitating the MANI process;
  3. Developing policies and the observance of codes of practice;
  4. Providing accountability and requiring it at appropriate levels;
  5. Providing encouragement and appropriate levels of assistance to National Coordinators;
  6. Encouraging and facilitating Regional Consultations at appropriate times;
  7. Editing and approving special reports to be released on MANI E group;
  8. Provide liaison with global and continental networks.Bottom of Form