Welcome to MANI Official Website
Welcome to MANI Official Website
Welcome to MANI Official Website

Who we are

The Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI) is a network of networks focused on catalyzing African National Initiatives and mobilizing the resources of the Body of Christ in Africa for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
MANI’s purpose is to affirm, motivate, mobilize and network Christian leaders by inspiring them with the vision of reaching the unreached and least evangelized in Africa, and the wider world, through the communication of up to date research…

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MANI Overview

The Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI) is a grassroots African movement committed to catalyzing the Body of Christ in Africa to work in strategic partnership to disciple the nations and to send Africans in mission around the world. MANI emerges from a 40-year history of African national movements and given full expression during the AD 2000 AND BEYOND MOVEMENT era. Building upon this legacy, in 2001 leaders from 36 African countries gathered at the Africa Millennial Consultation in Jerusalem…read more




Over the past forty years, 37 African countries have launched National Initiatives to mobilize churches and ministries for national and global evangelization. Such initiatives are deeply rooted in the history of the continent.

The starting point was during the 1960’s when many African nations gained independence. This great move toward liberation gave birth to a new sense of African destiny. Political change inspired a corresponding change in the Church with a major surge toward indigenous leadership. Many leadership positions occupied by missionaries were handed over to nationals. During the mid-1960’s, saturation evangelism movements were launched in two nations. The Evangelism In Depth movement was initiated in Zaire, followed by the New Life For All movement on the central plateau of Nigeria. African churches began to commit to work together for the evangelization of their countries through….read more