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Discipling  the Unchurched Youth:  Experiences with Street Children

Discipling  the Unchurched Youth:  Experiences with Street Children
By: Dr. Eigbadon Gregory E. –
Galilee Foundation


The Commission

Mt. 22:1-10 Parable of the King that prepared a banquet for the son’s wedding.

  • The “who is who” in the society were invited to the wedding banquet.
  • They all turned down the invitation with excuses.
  • Some even went as far as killing some of the servants sent to them.


The King’s Reaction:

  • He sent armies to destroy those wicked people.
  • He sent his servants to the highways (fringes/street) to gather as many as they can find both “good” and “bad” to the wedding.


Galilee Foundation

Over the last 30 years Galilee Foundation has consistently work as a rescue mission to destitute particularly among street children in different parts of Ibadan.

Our Approach

  • Establishments of street schools (counselling centers) in some specific areas like Agbaje/Agbeni, Bodija market, Iwo-road, Mokola /Sabo.
  • Consistent interactions with street children by Street Counsellors.
  • Home Tracing.
  • Collaboration with relevant government establishments like Police, NSCDC and State Ministry of Women Affairs.
  • Referrals to Kings Kids Children’s village (an arm of Galilee Foundation).


Kings kids Children Village

  • This is the Rehabilitation / Discipleship Component of our Programme. Each child is expected to go through series of modules geared towards;
  • Spiritual reformation and development.
  • Psychosocial life skill training for behavior modification and orientation.
  • Enrolment into schools for formal education

Enrolment into various vocation of interest Read more here…Download the full report here.


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