Thank you for praying for the MANI 2006 Continental Consultation on African National Initiatives held in Nairobi, Kenya!

An African proverb states, “The man who beats the drum doesn’t know how far the sound goes.” From the reports we’ve received, the drum beat has resounded around the world with many responding in united prayer for the advance of God’s Kingdom on the African continent.

The Lord’s Hand on MANI 2006

Together we prayed, and the Lord graciously answered! MANI 2006 gathered together 520 leaders of influence from 65 countries. Nearly every African nation was represented by a delegation of high level leaders representing the major sections of the Body of Christ. Our hearts were bound together with the compelling convictions that Africa’s hour has come and that we fully embrace the responsibilities to complete the Great Commission in Africa and make a major contribution to global mission.

We celebrated the vibrant growth of the African Church and voiced profound hope in the Lord’s intentions for the continent. This hope was framed with realism as we engaged critical issues facing the Church in Africa, such as the necessities of discipleship, transformational leadership, united prayer, the empowerment of women for ministry, HIV/AIDS, holistic community transformation, the challenge of Islam, etc.

Convergence with a purpose

There was a sense of convergence as national delegations each took a major step forward in mobilizing the Body of Christ in their nation toward a concerted effort for the Great Commission. In countries with a pre-existing national initiative process, fresh momentum was exerted toward finishing the task. Countries new to the process are taking the first steps toward a country survey and mobilization process.

At the regional level, countries banded together to plan joint mobilization initiatives. Regional consultations are currently planned for Francophone West Africa (2007) and Southern Africa (2008), with a continental consultation proposed for 2011. A MANI database is being developed as a platform for the collection and dissemination of critical information on the Harvest. Mass prayer mobilization for evangelization and transformation is underway, energized by the Global  Day of Prayer to be held annually until 2010.

At the continental level, we came together to affirm Dr. Reuben Ezemadu as the new MANI Continental Coordinator, with Ross Campbell installed as a Continental Advisor and regional coordinators renewed/replaced as per the decision of the delegations at the regional meetings.

Your prayers helped to ensure that there were no major crises, no overriding security problems and suitable travel arrangements. Thank you!

Prayer for the nations

As delegations return to their respective nations, please pray for:

1) wisdom as they report back to leaders in their nations and share how God is at work across the continent,

2) courage to take the next sacrificial steps necessary to mobilize the whole Church in their nation for the unfinished task, and

3) creativity and perseverance to help churches raise and deploy the transformational leaders necessary to take the whole Gospel to the whole nation. May the Holy Spirit empower His Church to disciple the nations!

Thank you for echoing the drumbeat far and wide.for God’s glory in Africa and the world!

Submitted by,
Dr. Dean Carlson
MANI Southern Africa Regional Coordinator
OC Africa Area Director (AMR)