Peter Tarantal

ADVISORY TEAM >>> Peter Tarantal. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1975 I became a follower of Jesus Christ.

I joined OM (Operation Mobilization) in 1987, intending to stay for 2 years. Well, because I am such a slow learner, I am still around after 28 years! I was part of OM South Africa’s second training team and have been privileged to see this develop into a truly international

training centre. Mobilizing people into missions has been one of my long-term passions. More than 2000 missionaries have been through our training program.  In 1995, I became the OM South Africa National Director, a role I occupied until the end of 2008.

A few years ago Peter Maiden, OM’s former International Director, asked me to lead the Emerging Mission Movements (EMM), an OM initiative aimed at raising up workers from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean (newer sending areas). I was

part of a great team whose goal it has been to help OM find new, creative and sustainable ways of mobilizing and supporting the church in the aforementioned areas. With the growth of the church in the Global South and the renewed discovery of its missions’ mandate, the potential is immense. For the past 4 years, I have also served on the International Executive Committee of OM.

I now serve as one of three International Vice-Presidents of OM.  Our new International Director is Lawrence Tong, from Singapore.  The three associates are Viv Thomas (UK), Sue Priestly (Canada) and me. My main responsibilities, among others, are to help lead OM, represent OM on the global missions stage, networking with major global denominations and organizations, which is something that I am already doing. I continue to give oversight to the Global South Initiative.

I am the leader of WENSA (World Evangelization Network of South Africa), an umbrella body seeking to co-ordinate the mission movement in and from South Africa. Most of the major denominations, church networks and mission organizations, are part of WENSA, which

also represents the Lausanne movement in South Africa. I have managed to bring on board a COO who is responsible to the day to day running of the network. I was the Southern Africa coordinator of MANI (Movement for African National Initiatives),

but relinquished that role a year ago. I now serve on the leadership team as an advisor. MANI is an African movement committed to catalyzing the Body of Christ in Africa – its churches, organisations and individuals – to strategically fulfil the Great Commission. MANI represents many of the continent’s 500 million Christians.

As from November 2011, I also serve as chairman of the Global Leadership Council of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission (WEA MC). WEA serves more than 600 million Christians worldwide and the WEA MC serves the global missions community.

Together with a number of other global mission leaders, I am part of the Global Roundtable, which provides a platform for like-minded people to build relationships and exchange ideas. Recently I helped launch the South African Christian Leaders initiative whose aim it is to establish a national Christian movement with the aim of it being a kingdom-minded prophetic

voice in South Africa. I am encouraged by the wide range of churches involved, from the very conservative to the highly Charismatic churches.