Member Care

Network Facilitator– Member Care >>> Marina Prins .

Marina Prins is the co-founder of Member Care Southern Africa, an organization focusing on the care of missionaries that was established in 1999. She served as a missionary in Malaŵi from 1992-1997. Currently she is one of the directors of Member Care Southern Africa and is responsible for Member Care development, including presenting Member Care workshops for senders, on-field and re-entry care as well as presenting retreats for missionaries. She is the co-author of the book: Member Care for Missionaries: A Practical Guide for Senders.

She is the MANI Member Care Representative on the Global Member Care Network Board, which is functioning as part of the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Association. Within MANI she is the MANI Member Care Coordinator. She also compiles and sends out the Africa Member Care Network Email Newsletter once every two months.

Marina lives in the Strand, near Cape Town South Africa and she holds a M.Sc. Agric degree from the University of Stellenbosch. She is currently doing her MA in Member Care part-time through Redcliffe College in the UK, while still continuing with ministry.

Marina would like to see that Member Care Networks be developed for all the different regions in Africa and that Member Care will be an integral part of every sending church and organization, so that missionaries who are being sent within and out of Africa will be well cared for holistically.