Esme Bowers


Esme Bowers is married to Theo, they have one daughter Nadine and live in Cape Town South Africa. Esme is a creative person having trained and worked in many professions as fashion designer, business director, and community developer.Esme Bowers

She established the Consultation of  Christian Churches in Cape Town (An interdenominational network of Christian Leaders addressing issues in the city) was one of the founding members of The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (presently serves as Chairperson) birthed The Women’s Ministry in the Full Gospel Church of God in SA serving as as president for 12 years, served as chair of The Pan African Christian Women’s Alliance for three terms, and has served on many national and global boards. In 2012 she was one of the founding members of African Women in Mission Network and presently serves as the chair. Her role as the International Secretary for the Lausanne movement gave her the opportunity to host the Lausanne CT2010 conference.  She is presently the World Evangelical Alliance Director for the Department on ‘Church in Community’ working with a team of 10 global ministries in developing Healthy Churches.

Her real passion is seeing people, particularly women’s lives transformed by the power of the gospel and equipping them in their role as community transformers. One of her mantras is “the Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World” (Lausanne)