Francophone Central African

Regional Coordinator – Francophone Central African >>> Anatole Banga.

Rev. Anatole Banga was born on June 19, 1960 at Bangui, the capital city of the Central African Republic. He grew up in a religious and animistic context. Rev. Banga studied science at Bangui University and spent 1984 to 1988 in China studying Chinese and Agricultural Engineering. It was in China that he met the Lord, dedicated his life to Christ and was called into the ministry. He received bible training in Ghana followed by missions outreach in France and Switzerland and then returned home to initiate ministries in the CAR.

In 1990, Rev. Banga led the first indigenous mission in the CAR called “Jerusalem Foundation.” In subsequent years, he planted six churches in Bangui. In 2005, he turned the ministry over to a committee that is carrying on the work. He is now leading an initiative he launched in 1994 called Nations en Marche, targeting unreached groups in the CAR including Pygmies, Fulani, Muslims and others. They also target young people and encourage women in ministry. Rev. Banga facilitates a polytechnic missions training centre which has equipped many missionaries originating from Chad, Togo, DRC and CAR. They gained missiological and practical training to enable them to serve effectively as tent-makers in the field. Soon he plans to launch the Bangui Business School, an entrepreneur training centre.